As the city of night life is famous for its clubs, lounges, and bars. Therefore a lot of bars are opened in the streets of the city of New York to entertain the people of NYC. The bars are amazing and luxuriously designed that make the night life of New York City wonderful. The parties arranged at the clubs and lounges of NYC are usually dance parties. As the mid night arrives the clubs of New York City are crowded with the party lovers.

One of the finest gaming and sports bars is Jay z bar. It is a complete sports bar with a lot of gaming vibe. The club is fully furnished and well maintained. The caramel brown and gold themed night club with beautiful décor is a dream club. The box styled sitting arrangement let you feel relaxed. Comfy couches and velvet sofas give you a way to feel relaxed and stress-free. There are also private rooms leading upstairs. The jay z bar offers the best bottle services and packages. The bottle menu has a lot of flavorful drinks made of best quality ingredients. Drinks like beer, liquor, alcohol, wine, champagne, cognac, vodka, juices, shakes and frozen cocktails are served at the bar. Packages like engagement/wedding, birthday, graduation, fund raiser and much more offered by the jay z bar.

As the doormen hold the authority not to let somebody in who does not adhere to the dress code specified by the club. And so it’s better to choose a dress that matches the need of the night. Therefore, like all the other clubs, Marquee dress code NYC is also no different. Well, the Marquee dress code NYC is upscale and trendy. The boys are recommended to stick to fitted dark denim or pants with collared shirts or button downs paired with fashionable shoes. And ladies it feels so right when you wear a little black dress with high heels.

But people are not allowed to wear ripped or torn clothing, shorts, caps, or athletic attire. Dress to impress is what the Marquee Club wants you to rock with. Well, you can’t rock a t-shirt unless you’re a rock star. So, choose to wear something that best represents you and your personality because you’re expected to meet a lot of people at the club.

Join the best bars in NYC with a trendy dress code.